Shaping Florida

HB 979

Village of Wellington, Palm Beach County; Provides exception to general law; prohibits sale & use of fireworks located within Equestrian Preserve of Village of Wellington except under specified circumstances.

In Support of SB 2500

Providing moneys for the annual period beginning July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2022, and supplemental appropriations for the period ending June 30, 2021, to pay salaries, and other expenses, capital outlay – buildings, and other improvements, and for other specified purposes of the various agencies of state government, etc.

In Support of HB 719

Motor Vehicle Insurance; Repeals provisions relating Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law; revises garage liability insurance requirements, minimum coverage requirements for proof of financial responsibility for motor vehicles, excess liability coverage requirements, financial responsibility requirements for owners or lessees of for-hire passenger transportation vehicles, coverages of motor vehicle policy which are subject to stacking prohibition, & insurance requirements for transportation network companies drivers.

In Support of HB 215

Prohibition of Public Funds for Lobbying by Local Governments; Prohibits local governments from using public funds to retain lobbyists; provides exceptions; provides sanctions for violations; authorizes people to file complaints with the Commission on Ethics; requires commission to provide a report to specified entities; specifies procedures for disciplining violators.

Willhite Closing Statement on HM 71

Recognizing Veteran Suicide: Urges Congress to recognize veteran suicide & fully fund suicide prevention efforts by United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Amendment to HB 133

Surrendered Newborn Infants; Authorizes certain hospitals, emergency medical services stations, & fire stations to use newborn infant safety devices to accept surrendered newborn infants under certain circumstances; requires such entities to physically check & test devices at specified intervals; provides additional locations to which prohibition on initiation of criminal investigations based solely on surrendering of newborn infant applies; requires DOH to review & approve newborn infant safety devices.

In Support of SB 388

Injured Police Canines; Authorizing licensed life support services to transport injured police canines under certain circumstances; authorizing a paramedic or an emergency medical technician to provide emergency medical care to injured police canines under certain circumstances; providing for immunity from criminal and civil liability under certain circumstances, etc.

In Opposition of SB 90

Elections; Prohibiting certain persons from settling certain actions, consenting to conditions, or agreeing to certain orders in certain circumstances; revising requirements governing the acceptance of voter registration applications; revising the oath for candidates seeking to qualify for nomination as a candidate of a political party; limiting the duration of requests for vote-by-mail ballots to all elections through the end of the calendar year of the next regularly scheduled general election; prohibiting certain solicitation activities within a specified area surrounding a drop box, etc.

In Support of HB 279

Local Government Public Construction Works; Revising disclosure requirements for bidding documents and other requests for proposals issued for bids by a local governmental entity and public contracts entered into between local governmental entities and contractors; requiring that a local government that performs projects using its own services, employees, and equipment provide a report to the local governing board with certain information, etc.