On the Issues

Focusing on Public Safety

As a Navy Veteran and active Firefighter, Matt knows how to keep us safe and stand up for our first responders. As a State Representative, he’s dedicated his career to ensuring that proper resources are deployed to Palm Beach County law enforcement and prosecutors so that they have tools they need to fight and prosecute crimes against our residents. He also filed and passed HB 227, which extends mental health treatment as part of workers compensation for first responders. On the County Commission, he’ll continue standing up for doctors, nurses and first responders, who have been heroic during the COVID-19 crisis and always deserve our support and gratitude.

Protecting the Environment & Water Quality

Florida’s natural environment and unique ecosystems are some of our greatest assets. From the Everglades to the rivers and bays to the natural springs, our waterways and water table are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem and a thriving economy. In Tallahassee, Matt has supported climate resiliency and clean energy efforts. As our County Commissioner, he’ll protect our environmental treasures, keep our water clean, and expand parks and green space.

Fighting for Our Seniors

Here in Palm Beach County, we need to stand up for our seniors. In the Legislature, Matt championed alternative programs, designed and implemented locally, that protect and expand long-term care options. When it comes to public transportation, accessibility, and affordable prescription coverage, Matt will always stand up for our retirees.

Investing in Transportation & Infrastructure

Population booms are a sign of a healthy and vibrant community, but we need to create and maintain reliable transportation and infrastructure with minimal impact on our environment and quality of life. By ensuring a long term, stable and safe transportation infrastructure, Matt will ensure our community remains a wonderful place to live for generations to come.

Addressing Affordability and Homelessness

Since the pandemic began, the lack of affordable housing in Palm Beach County has only gotten worse, placing a real burden on workers and families. We need to take real action to make renting and home ownership affordable for all members of our community. On the County Commission, Matt will spearhead efforts to create more affordable housing options and reduce homelessness in Palm Beach County.

Providing Quality Recreation Spaces

A thriving community needs a strong system of public libraries and public parks. As the father of two young boys, Matt understands that families in Palm Beach County rely on our public recreational spaces, and he’s committed to supporting and expanding public parks and libraries as our County Commissioner.